Brutal Critical Hits

We have previously discussed various critical hit systems. This table presented here differs mainly in being longer (A D20 table) and focusing more on “painful” criticals, inflicting lasting damage.
The table is focused on outcomes over descriptions. While gory criticals can be fun, they also suffer from being fairly specific and often human centric. With a results based critical table, the group can narrate injuries as they find most appropriate.
This style of criticals are well suited to a more “brutal” game with very fast combat, or for more “low fantasy” settings such as Fantasy Europe or Urban Pulp.

When criticals are inflicted is up to the gaming group. Tradition is a natural 20, though particularly bloody minded players may use any modified roll of 20+

Injuries must heal, you can use this table.

1: Dazed
-2 to hit and unable to cast spells for 1D4 rounds
2: Must parry
Unable to attack, but incoming attacks -2 for 1D4 rounds
3: Delayed
Acts last for 1D4 rounds
4: Knocked down
Takes 1 round to recover. Until then +2 to be hit, and -2 to attack.
5: Stunned
Unable to act for 1D4 rounds
6: Knocked out
Unable to act for 3D6 rounds
7: Off balance
Enemy gets additional attack immediately
8: Armour damaged
Shield is destroyed. If no shield worn, armour is damaged (+1 to hit). No armour +1D6 damage
9: Weapon damaged
Weapon -1 to hit. At -3, weapon is destroyed
10: Bleeding
Lose 1 HP per round. Takes a round and a 2 in 6 roll to bandage
11: Movement penalty
Movement reduced to half speed
12: Attack penalty
-1D4 to attacks until healed
13: Extra damage
Roll 1D6 extra damage. All damage dice roll again if max on the die is scored.
14: Demoralized
Must retreat and leave fight
15: Injured
Random limb unusable until healed
16: Severe injury
Random ability scored by 1 until healed
17: Maimed
Random ability score reduced by 1 permanently
18: Incapacitated
Hit points reduced to 0. Must heal.
19: Critical injury
Out of action. Will die without medical attention in 1D6 hours
20: Slain
Killed outright.

Brutal Critical Hits

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