Nirvin Windsong

At first glance Nirvin appears to a young human, fairly short however but very athletic.


Nirvin Windsong is a relatively short human, with some stubble on his chin. He has a very chisled look, with very prominent eyebrows and cheekbones, narrowed eyes, always watching. He also has very obvious canines and his nails are long. Nirvin has a bronze tan on his skin, more often than not covered in dirt or foilage. His hair is shoulder long unkempt and green with many traces of leaves and dirt.

His most signature outfit is his leaf cloak which is a woolen cloak he has manually sewed onto leaves which changes with the season of the year, but never falls off. He more often than not keeps his hood down, only when hunting or it is raining is it down. He has a curved dagger on his hip, brandishing itself proudly. As well as a scimitar on his other side. His main weapon of arms however is a bow which string appears to be made out of spider’s silk.

Of course, that is not all that is to this man. He also has a white bear accompanying him at all times. Sometimes even seen carried by Nirvin, although this is very unlikely when Paw grows bigger, but for now he is a fuzzy small bear cub.

His personality is very odd, he keeps looking at the simplest of tools in utter confusion, unable to read he memorizes everything by relating it to a image. He has had little to no human contact in his life so he seems very awkward to most people, unsure if he is to shake their hand, bow or kiss their cheek. He also rarely takes a bath for the sake of cleaning himself, finding himself more busy with tending to the forest and speaking with the animals, seeking to understand them, and in turn. Understand himself.


“The sun shimmered across the child lying in the pile of leaves like sunbeams on ice. The woods themselves rallied at the child’s cry. The white bear emerged and claimed the child as its own… The forest has heard the cry of the animals and has answered.”

Not much is known of Nirvin’s whereabouts, he was found by a druid in the woods, being held by a big white bear, the druid spoke with the bear, having heard the babe was found amongst the woods themselves piqued his interest and he offered to tutor the child in the ways of the druid when he grew of age. As Nirvin grew up he met often with the druid named “Meldor” who taught him druidic, the way of the earth, wind and water. Nirvin listened careful to his mentor who would sadly pass away before Nirvin was considered a full fledged druid. The day after he passed away, the white bear which had acted as Nirvin’s mother also passed after giving bith to a single cub. Nirvin took this as a sign from the forest spirits themselves. A favor for a favor. Balance must be upheld, the cycle must go on. After meeting with the druids they recognized his potential, although he was lacked many social skills, not to mention intellectual. Very instinctual he trusts his gut and senses before most things.

Now tasked with a important mission he and Paw has traveled far and wide to find the apprentice of the previous Archdruid and summon him to the moot.

Nirvin Windsong

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